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Viewing and Downloading Photos

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The first page you’ll see will be the post with the most recent album.  There are several different ways to view these:

1. You’ll notice on the top left of the block of thumbnails that there is a link to “View with PicLens”.  If you click that link it’ll open a slideshow on your screen.  Some folks prefer this method.  If you see something you like you can right click and save the image.  Keep in mind these images are uploaded in full size.  Most of them you can make 20×16 prints of if you’d like.  Some I’ve had to crop so they won’t make that good of large prints.  However, the photo processor you pick should be able to recommend options for you to crop or manipulate in a way that a good image will be printed.

2. Click on the photo that you want to see full size.  It might take a couple of seconds to load.  It will open in front of the current web browser window scaled to fit the full size of your window.  At this point you can either:

a. Click to close the photo

b. Right click on the photo and select the option to either View image (which will open a new browser window and show the image full size) or save the image.

c. If you choose to save the image you can then upload to your favorite photo processor and have them make prints for you.  There are several photo processors on the net that can take your photos and make books, mugs, magnets, t-shirts, basically anything you want with the photos.

And if you ever get stuck, need advice about how to handle the images, or want to suggest some other shots you can always contact me ray@[nospam]rowden.net (just take the [nospam] out there) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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